Can We Connect With Fast Food?

There’s a lot of talk about fast food and its effects on our physical health. Certainly, when we eat a lot of bread, animal fats, and drinks with either sugar or sugar substitutes, we are not nourishing our bodies. Sugars in any form and especially sugar replacements become quickly addictive, leading us to crave more and so we eat more sugar products.

But many fast food chains promote healthy foods like salads, lean meats, and whole grain breads.  Can these really be bad for us? What’s wrong with healthy fast food?

I believe there are addictive aspects to the whole fast food lifestyle. The mad dash to the drive-up window, eating the food in the car or at a desk, and eating as part of multi-tasking are all partof a mindset that keeps us Disconnected and not in the moment. It is this, more than the actual
food, which feeds our addiction.

No matter what you eat, try to give it your attention. Whether alone or with friends or family, take time to be in the moment, attend to your food and savor it, pay attention to who or what is around you, and slow down. If you are on a lunch break, go for a walk, then sit down and take inyour surroundings. If you have a car full of kids and are off to soccer practice, take 10 minutes to enjoy the food and each other’s company. Teach your children that Connecting with each other is what life is all about.