Dr. Carol Clark

Be In Light

The offspring of a customized orbiter
Dr. Carol Clark is a Board certified sex therapist and addictions counselor, president and senior instructor at the Sex Therapy Training Institute and is an adjunct professor at Carlos Albizu University in Miami, Florida.
Our over-stimulated lifestyles have led to a disconnection from each other and the Universe. The themes and exercises in this book will help you to Connect and be present, leading to a more fulfilled and peaceful life.
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Dr. Carol L Clark

As with many aspects of addiction, the concept of power and control is very paradoxical in nature.  When we think we’re in control, we’re really not; and when we feel out of control, we’re most likely exerting control in a way that results in others feeling powerless.

As with parents and children, the parent has the power, but how often does a parent feel controlled by the child?  If you have children, you know what I mean.  The child cries, you go running.  The child has a tantrum in public, you feel frustrated to the point of panic.  The child, on the other hand, is trying to be in control, but innately knows that he can’t handle it so pushes the limits until control is imposed. 


[in-teg-ri-tee] noun

1. adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

2. the state of being whole, entire, or undiminished: to preserve the integrity of the empire.

3. a sound, unimpaired, or perfect condition: the integrity of a ship's hull.

I was recently talking with someone who is experiencing quite a bit of fear right now.  She is on a fixed income and worried about a time when she will lose some independence, her health, and her home, and not be able to afford the care she will need.  In response to her fear, she is looking to blame someone and it is very easy these days to fall prey to the fear-mongering and blame that is prevalent in our media and politics.  While fear and blame do not change anyone’s situation, they do serve to Connect people, albeit in an unhealthy way.  Just as the early cavemen huddled together around the fire for warmth and security, so do we now band together in groups to feel safe against the terrors of the unknown future. 

Those who know me were very much surprised to hear that I had gone to a discussion and book signing by the infamous purveyor of porn, Larry Flynt. I surprised myself, actually, but I was interested in his new book, One Nation Under Sex, and I also admire him for his continuing work to defend our First Amendment.

Mr. Flynt was entertaining during much of his talk about how the sex lives of our presidents and their first ladies have influenced our politics and I applaud his derision of the hypocrisy in our country. What I found disappointing was his response to a question I posed.


My book, Addict America: The Lost Connection, took me almost five years to write and the messages it contains are by no means original.  I talk about Connection – between individuals, communities, and all life – and how our fears prevent us from experiencing the joy and fulfillment of Connection.

The Kaballah, the Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, and countless others have all taught us about Connection.  I subscribe to newsletters from Abraham-Hicks, Yehuda Berg, and Andrew Cohen of EnlightenNext and all of their messages are about Connection.